George S.
Boris was on site every day running the project, and vigilantly on the tools. His attention to detail was meticulous and extraordinary and indicated his constant pursuit of perfection. His approach was like the house was his own. Such attentiveness, honesty and integrity are very difficult to find in a builder.

The design of my home is complex and very detailed; and it is my belief that not many builders could have produced a quality finish like Boris achieved. I was very fortunate to have met Boris and have him build my family home. Nothing was ever too hard – by contrast everything was doable. An inspection of my home will reveal how exceptional the workmanship actually is.

I am a commercial property developer myself so I understand what is required to build a home of this size and detail. I therefore strongly recommend Boris and Level Developments for attentive and professional construction services. Boris is now part of my family – not many people can say that about their builder.

Tarascio Family
Boris is a construction professional who:


  1. Is of the highest skill level when it comes to the construction of a high-end home;
  2. Can seamlessly adjust his communication style between tradespeople, design

consultants, project management, and client;

  1. Is scrupulous in his attention to detail and relentless in his pursuit of perfection; and
  2. Is a person of high integrity who can be trusted in all respects.


Boris maintained his unwavering enthusiasm for the duration of the project provided regular detailed updates, and was highly attentive to our needs and our objective to achieve an outstanding result.


As a family who is involved in the property industry on a day to day basis through our business, Salta Properties, we can confidently say that Boris is one of the highest quality residential construction professionals we have had the pleasure to work with and we have no hesitation in recommending Boris as the key person in the construction of any high-end home.

Ian H.
I have been very impressed with Boris’s approach to his work and in his manner that he conducts his business. It is very clear that he takes pride in his work and always keen to deliver to his commitments, in fact, I would say he seeks to deliver more than required.

During the construction of South Rd, Boris provided updates and correspondence on a consistent and regular basis. We were residing in the UK and could only review progress of the construction on two occasions prior to taking possession. I am very pleased to state that the build was seamless and without any issues and on time. In addition, the surveyor assigned to the project acknowledged that it was one of the most impressively run sites and construction that he has ever encountered. Our family home is magnificent and built to a very high and exacting standard, due to the efforts of Boris and his father.

Throughout each project Boris has undertaken for me, he has demonstrated exceptional communication skills, being able to converse with architects, engineers, trades as well as the client in what can only be a difficult and demanding role. His attention to detail, workmanship and dedication has ensured success in each of my projects and I will seek to use his services again.

Matthew W.
I engaged Boris of Level Developments to construct my new residence. This build involved conversion of a 2 level factory constructed in circa 1935 into a 2.5 level home. It involved the removal of half the ground floor slab and first floor. This process required substantial bracing and structural installation. This project required significant input from the builder in terms of anticipating the numerous challenges this style of project presents. With limited architectural documentation and involvement, Boris collaborated with myself, architect and engineer and all trade decisively and professionally to deliver me a home which exceeded my expectations. My home was delivered ahead of time and within budget. I have no doubt Boris will be building my next home.
Bill & Lee
Boris always kept the project running smoothly and well under control. The end result is a magnificent home of which we are very proud. We found Boris extremely professional and his attention to the finest detail was incredible.

Boris was always cheerful, helpful, considerate and trustworthy. Even now if we have a query Boris will attend to it immediately. We respect Boris and hold him in very high regard. We would recommend Boris to anyone wanting a first class home to be built. We hope, if we are to build again, we would be lucky enough to have Boris build for

Dr. Kurt W. L.
It was utterly important for us to know all the works be in competent and trustworthy hands, because we were living in Germany during the entire construction.We were kept abreast of progress and finishes and when we arrived from Germany we were amazed at how Boris had done the whole refurbishment and furnished the apartment. We truly cannot express the feeling coming back to a home and not a construction site. We were just amazed, overwhelmed and grateful.

What you can expect from Level Developments is a personal, honest and open book approach. We found Boris’s construction knowledge very thorough and his appreciation of quality fittings, design and functionality. It is evident that Boris builds lasting relationships with not only his clients but also his contractors.

We will always call on Boris if further construction works are needed.